Villari’s Self Defense Centres
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Children's Martial Arts

Self-Defense. Skill. Mental Focus.

Children's Martial Arts

Our children’s programs will help your child grow and learn life skills as well as technicques of the martial arts. Our martial arts prorams are a fun, safe activity for kids of all ages.

Your child will be guided through the Villari’s Martial Arts Learning Program by our highly trained and experienced instructors, and personally assisted by their own individual groups and coaches. Children gain powerful skills to help them grow into successful, happy adults
Our martial arts programs are also an excellent way in which to bully proof your child from the everyday worry that your child knows how to interact with all issues in and out of school.

As students progress through the curriculum, they will earn coloured belts and awards. Unlike many schools, our programs are designed so that children set achievable goals and make regular progress throughout their training.