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Escape from computer games to physical activity for a stronger body and a stronger mind

Our certified and internationally recognized Black Belt and Master Instructors have studied for years to qualify as part of the Villari’s Martial Arts Centers Team and undergo continuous advanced training to keep their skill sharp and fresh.

Villari's is more than fun...

It is a way to:
As a parent you’ll be happy to know that you’ve empowered your child to deal with challenges of life by learning:
Grandmaster Fredrick J. Villari
Grandmaster Fredrick J. Villari has accomplished with hardly any publicity. You won’t often see him in Martial Arts magazines public pages. However, with 10,000 Black Belts & 15 million students after its conception, Villari’s Martial Arts Studios are now a far cry from the days when Fred Villari taught two students at seven in the morning in Waltham, Massachusetts. The names Villari and Shaolin Kempo Karate are synonymous with East Coast Kempo. In 1995, the annual Villari national tournament, held at the World Trade Center (Boston), drew 10,000 spectators to watch 5,000 participants. Today, Villari’s Martial Arts Studios in Toronto are the foundation of the Asian martial arts in Canada.
Words Of Praise From Our Students

Testimonials from our clients.

Robert is such a phenomenal instructor. He is fun, fair, and relatable for children and teens. Rob facilitated a workshop for me, and I am already eagerly booking another! You will not be disappointed. You can tell when someone does something for heart and not for money.
Elaine Knox
Elaine Knox
Rob is an excellent instructor . He is great with children . As a parent I thrust him 100%.
Violette Marseille
Violette Marseille
We have spent the last 8 years at Vallari’s Ajax. Master Rob as a tough but, playful relationship with his students. He encourages growth and confidence. This is a great program for bullying. Master Rob works well with his special needs students.
Leslie Taylor-Montecinos
Leslie Taylor-Montecinos
My son has been going for a few months now and he absolutely loves it.
Ian J
Ian J
My son was having behavioral issues before starting class with Master Rob, after only a month there has been a drastic, positive change in his attitude and attention span, and best of all he enjoys attending classes. Master Rob is very patient, understanding and well versed in dealing with, and teaching the younger students.
Bryan Hume
Bryan Hume
Instructors Rob and Nick are an awesome combination! Each one brings years of experience and expertise, each having their own style of teaching that together gives a complete, multi layered understanding not just of what to do but why you are doing it. Real life application for self defence! I have so much respect for their integrity, care and skills. My grandson started years ago with Villari’s Ajax, his mom is now going and I have been going there a few years myself. I highly recommend them!
deb gordon
deb gordon

Our Programs

Martial Arts Programs

Adult's Martial Arts

It is never too late to get involved in Martial Arts. Our adult programs are great for fitness and at the same time, mastering self-defense techniques.

Children's Martial Arts

Our children’s programs will help your child grow and learn life skills as well as technicques of the martial arts. Our martial arts prorams are a fun, safe activity for kids of all ages.

Corporate Self Defense Training

Self-defense is a great way to promote team building, inclusivity and folster a positifve work environment in a way that is often covered by a business insurance provider.

Shaolin Kempo Karate

Shaolin Kempo Karate (or “SKK”) is a martial art style that combines the Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu

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Schedule for Children

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